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2010-2011 Award Winners

2010-2011 Award Winners

2010-2011   Awards Winners


Highest Percentage Certified Members Award

 2-15 members:   Uwharrie Chapter

16-25 members: Land of the Sky Chapter

26+ members:     Charlotte Chapter


Membership Increase Award

2-15 members:    No Chapter Qualified

16-25 members: Metrolina Chapter

26+ members:     JOL Chapter


Membership Retention Award

2-15 members:

Tie:  Statesville Chapter

Uwharrie Chapter

16-25 members:         Metrolina Chapter

26+ members:             JOL Chapter


Most New Certifications

2-15 members:            No Chapter Qualified

16-25 members:

Tie:  Charlotte Center City

Land of the Sky

26+ members:             JOL Chapter


Jo A. Peay Student Chapter Involvement Award:

Cabarrus Chapter


Jane K. Rogers, CPS/CAP, Retirement Trust Foundation:

2-15 members:            Uwharrie Chapter

16-25 members:          Land of the Sky Chapter

26+ members:              Charlotte Chapter


Brochure Competition Award:

                                        Land of the Sky Chapter


Newsletter Competition Award:

Charlotte Chapter


Website Competition Award:

Charlotte Chapter


Outstanding Member of the Year:

                                        Kathy Zerba, JOL Chapter

Also nominated:

                Davandra Reed, CPS/CAP, Metrolina Chapter

Dianne M Hughes, CPS/CAP, Charlotte Chapter

Faith Hill, CAP, Winston-Salem Chapter


Each chapter president was asked to submit no more than two paragraphs nominating the member whom they believed to be the most outstanding member of their chapter, making sure to not disclose the nominee’s name. This year’s judges were Jane Chilton, and the Administrative staff of Western Avenue Baptist Church. This is the winning entry: 


        The person we are nominating for Outstanding Member of the Year has been very active in the Chapter for 2 ½ years.  It wasn’t until she attended here first Division event in March that she really got “bit by the IAAP bug” and saw the benefits of her IAAP membership and her new found “Passion” for IAAP.  After attending the Leadership and Education Forum in Atlantic Beach, she attended the 2010 NCD Annual Meeting and the 2010 International Education Forum and Annual Meeting in Boston.  She competed nationwide through her employer to attend this event and was one of only five selected.

Her IAAP “Purpose” struck and she accepted the nomination as Chapter Secretary for 2010-2011 and will be Vice President for 2011-2012.  In addition to her duties as Secretary, she volunteered to become the Newsletter Editor, which she single handedly publishes each month.  She also stepped right up to spear head our “Community Projects” which included-Box Tops for Education and coordinating the collection of toiletries that members donated for the Homeless Shelter.  In total, 1782 of Box Tops were collected for the Elementary School and a cart full of goodies was donated to the Homeless Shelter.  The Community Projects not only meet one of the Chapter of Excellence criteria but also gives our Chapter more exposure in the community.  Her “Passion” for IAAP is very obvious as she has recruited 2 new members this year and sat for the May CPS exam.  She has also achieved the “Member of Excellence” award from IAAP for the 2010-2011.  My nominee has definitely found her “Passion and Purpose” and I am confident that enthusiasm to get involved and to get others in the Chapter involved will continue to grow as her “Passion and Purpose become more defined.  She is truly an asset to our Chapter and the IAAP organization.

The winner of the 2010– 2011 North Carolina Division Outstanding Member of the Year Award is:  Kathy Zerba of the Jacksonville-Onslow-Lejeune Chapter.